The Rising Sun, Altarnun: 4 dogs and 3 omnivores eat with a vegan

19 April 2016

As my loyal followers on Twitter will know, I am spending this week touring Cornwall with my management team and young Rural.

This review describes a lunch eaten at the Rising Sun, Altarnun.

Today we met up with two black dogs and their well behaved owners for lunch. One of the owners is a vegan. Everything being considered, I don’t have a problem with vegans. We could share meals. I’d have the meat and the vegan could have the vegetables. The other owner is not a  vegan. He enjoys eating meat. We have a lot in common. I like meat. I really do. I like him too.

There were 8 of us for lunch today. 3 humans (all omnivorous), 1 vegan and 3 black dogs and 1 black bitch. The lunch was planned some months ago. A date was set, a time was agreed upon and a table booked.

We arrived shortly before the agreed time. There is a field opposite the pub. It’s a large field and it’s enclosed. We dogs had a long and energetic ball chasing session in the sunshine.

Field opposite The Rising Sun, Altarnun, Cornwall

Field opposite The Rising Sun, Altarnun, Cornwall

We then retired into the pub for lunch. It is a lovely pub with a good selection of proper beer and solid stone floors. I like stone floors. They are perfect for hot days as they are nice and cool. They are also good when it is muddy as the mud can dry and then be swept up.

A charming lady showed us to our table and brought us a bowl of water. The table was next to a dart board.

Dart board, Rising Sun, Altarnun, Cornwall

Dart board, Rising Sun, Altarnun, Cornwall

The 3 omnivores and the vegan sat down at the table. We dogs lay down on the floor. The 3 omnivores carefully perused the menu. The vegan didn’t, as she only eats vegan food, and the lovely team at the Rising Sun kindly put on special vegan menu for her. If you should decide to follow in my paw steps then you should telephone ahead to order the vegan food.

The omnivores ordered some interesting starters – home made pate, egg and mushroom on toast.  The vegan had vegetable soup.

Egg and mushroom on toast

Egg and mushroom on toast

Then the main courses arrived. Two of the omnivores had burgers, and one had liver. All said that it was excellent. Sadly they scoffed the lot before any of us dogs were able to see  it. The vegan had a stunning arrangement of vegetables on a plate. It looked so good that even the omnivores commented on how good a plate of vegetables could look. The chef is a genius.

Vegan food, The Rising Sun, Altarnun

Vegan food, The Rising Sun, Altarnun

I have forgotten what was ordered for desserts but they went down well. There was time for one more run in the field and then it was time for home.

Overall, a lovely pub that is worth making the effort to visit. I cannot wait to return.

The Rising Sun Inn, Altarnun, Cornwall PL15 7SN. Tel.: 01566 86636

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