The Bear’s Paw, Warmingham – A warm welcome with incredible attention to detail

14 May 2015

The Bear’s Paw is in Warmingham, Cheshire. Warmingham is a pretty village with a church and a traditional red telephone box.

My management team and I had a very relaxing stay at the Bear’s Paw Inn. I am describing the Bear’s Paw as an Inn because it is so much more than simply a pub with rooms.

The Bear's Paw, Warmingham, Sandbach

The Bear’s Paw, Warmingham, Sandbach

We arrived on the first Bank Holiday Monday in May 2015 and stayed for two nights.

The Bear’s Paw has some awesome bedrooms. They are decorated tastefully and to a high standard. There was sufficient room for me to be able to sprawl out on the floor without my clumsy management team tripping over me. If you work for the Bear’s Paw then please stop reading now and jump to the next paragraph. There was an exquisite sofa in the room that was exceptionally comfortable and I must have spent longer on it than I should have done as it was covered in my fur. There was also a four poster bed which was very comfortable too.

The Bear’s Paw has a lovely bar with a polished floor. I know that they are polished because I saw a lady using a polishing machine. There is a very good selection of beer on the bar. When I say “beer”, I mean “real ale”. I don’t mean lager. There were five hand pumps on the bar. After careful consideration I am happy to confirm that they were all in excellent condition. The Boss (who won’t drink beer) said that the wine list was good and the wine well served.

At this point, I must make special mention of the excellent staff. Without fail, I was brought a bowl of clean water every time I came into the bar. This is excellent. It really is. If I had one small suggestion for improvement then it would be for the bowl to contain beer rather than water.

My management team have raved about the food. They said that every meal used good quality ingredients, was well cooked and well presented. I am disappointed that I didn’t get an opportunity to steal a couple of the breakfast sausages. They sounded, and smelt, absolutely delicious.

There is a variety of places to sit – a collection of interlinking rooms, the bar, or a stunning panelled room. All are tastefully decorated and are suitable for eating and drinking.

There is one theme that is obvious throughout the Bear’s Paw. It is the attention to detail that someone has lavished on it. The sofas in the rooms are perfect for dogs. The food looks great and tastes great. The decor is spot on. The star are fantastic.

So, all in all, I’m happy to recommend the Bear’s Paw. A lovely place to eat, drink and sleep. And thank you to the team for making our stay so enjoyable.

The Bear’s Paw Hotel & Restaurant
School Lane, Warmingham, Sandbach, CW11 3QN
Tel: 01270 526317

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