Pan fried pigeon breast recipe

2 February 2013

A tried and tested dish that is delicious and simple.

Pan fried pigeon breast

Pan fried pigeon breast

Ingredients (per person)
Olive oil
2 pigeon breasts
1 garlic clove, crushed
Fresh thyme
1 leek
1/4 cabbage (or other greens if not available)
New potatoes

Crush the garlic, chop the thyme and mix with the olive oil. Rub over the pigeon breasts. Don’t use too much olive oil – you need just enough to give the breasts a shine. Leave the pigeon breasts to marinade for an hour or so.

Put the plates on to warm (1 per person and 1 spare), and open a good bottle of red wine. Beaujolais, Rhone or Burgundy would be perfect. Try to avoid drinking too much of the wine whilst cooking.

In the meantime, slice the leek into rings about as thick as a pound coin, and chop the cabbage into strips about as wide as pound coin. Saute very gently in olive oil on a low heat. Season to taste.

Boil the new potatoes.

Heat the frying pan. Add some olive oil and wait until the oil starts to smoke. Put the breasts onto the hot pan and fry for 3 minutes on either side. Be careful not to overcook. The pigeon should be slightly pink. Put the pigeon onto one of the spare plates, cover with foil and leave to rest.

Place a generous spoonful of the leeks and greens in the centre of each of the warmed plates, surround with the new potatoes and top with the pigeon.

Pour the wine and enjoy!

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