The Rising Sun, Altarnun: 4 dogs and 3 omnivores eat with a vegan

19 April 2016

As my loyal followers on Twitter will know, I am spending this week touring Cornwall with my management team and young Rural.

This review describes a lunch eaten at the Rising Sun, Altarnun.

Today we met up with two black dogs and their well behaved owners for lunch. One of the owners is a vegan. Everything being considered, I don’t have a problem with vegans. We could share meals. I’d have the meat and the vegan could have the vegetables. The other owner is not a  vegan. He enjoys eating meat. We have a lot in common. I like meat. I really do. I like him too. Continue Reading…


The Victoria, Holkham: An awesome North Norfolk pub

16 May 2014

Earlier this year, my management team took young Rural and I on a much needed break to Norfolk. It is a marvellous county. It really is. There are beaches to run on and pubs to drink in. This review is a consolidation of a number of visits to a pub called the Victoria in Holkham. The reason that we kept revisiting the Victoria is because it is totally awesome. Continue Reading…


The Pub Off: a winner but only by a tummy tickle

6 March 2014

GingerRural and I have now successfully completed both stages of the “Pub Off”.

For those of you who do not yet follow us on Twitter, a “Pub Off” is an invention of mine, based unashamedly on Mary Berry’s Bake Off. However, we are not comparing cakes. We are comparing pubs. I like pubs. I really do. It is worth mentioning at this point that Mary Berry lives fairly close to one of the pubs in the “Pub Off” so I would very much welcome her comments if she should read this. Continue Reading…


What I look for in a pub

14 November 2013

I like pubs. They are great institutions and important parts of local communities. However, I don’t like every pub. I am going to tell you what I look for in a pub and, for me, what makes some pubs better than others.

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Urban’s recipe for slow cooked pork rillettes

6 November 2013

Rillettes (pronounced ree-yettes) are coarse-textured and deliciously old-fashioned. They make a great alternative to paté. Often made with pork, duck or goose, the savoury quality of rillettes comes from using traditionally fatty meats and a generous quantity of salt. They will keep for weeks if covered with a layer of fat. Personally, I prefer pork.

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Recruiting my apprentice

30 June 2013

Earlier this year I took a policy decision to recruit an apprentice, both to help with my workload and to help control my management team. I spoke to some contacts at my gundog club and soon learnt of a litter only 10 miles or so down the road. I’d drunk a few quiet beers (followed, of course, by more than a few noisy ones) with the sire, FTW Gamborough Balthasar of Willowyck although I find that rather a mouthful (especially after a few beers) and I know him as Barny.

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